This page is dedicated to one of my obsessions started in 2012 (related to music creating), which is modular synths.

Moog Modular 55
photo by Kimi95

What is a modular synth? It is an electronic instrument, which has specialised modules connected with patch cables. At the same year in 1963 Robert “Bob” Moog (1934-2005) on the East Coast and Don Buchla (1937-) on the West Coast of USA designed the first voltage controlled modulars: Moog Modular 1, 2, 3 and Buchla Series 100. A basic modular contains VCO (voltage controlled oscillator, generates a continous tuned sound), VCF (voltage controlled filter, cuts all frequencies above or below a point) and VCA (voltage controlled amplifier, amplifies signal). A standard patch is VCO->VCF->VCA.

Doepfer A100
photo by Nina Richards

My modular

Currently I’m planning buying my first ever beginner system this year. Can’t wait to have a 3U rack with some modules to start!

adam_eurorack_2013 I’m patching a new big Eurorack in 2013.

Common modular synth formats


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Modular series with Benge

Buchla Skylab impro

Raul’s synth videos


I dream of wires, modular documentary, 2013